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Ocean Iron in the News

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Press Releases
February 24, 2011, University of Maine: UMaine Researcher Joins Group Examining Potential Iron Fertilization Of Oceans

February 22, 2011, NOC: International consortium to study impacts of iron fertilisation

February 22, 2011, URI, international consortium to study iron fertilization of oceans

February 22, 2011: ISIS Consortium Press Release

October 10, 2007: Can a Dose of Iron Supplements Improve the Health of the Ocean and Climate? Colloquium will allow public to pose questions and comments about geo-engineering the seas

October 4, 2011, Group Urges Research Into Agressive Efforts to Fight Climate Change, The New York Times

October 4, 2011, Polar Oceans in Transition, Eurasia Review News and Analysis

July 7, 2011, Natural Iron Fertilization Influences Deep-Sea Ecosystems Off the Crozet Islands, Science Daily

February 28, 2011, Should scientists trap carbon dioxide? Boston Globe

February 25, 2011, Can geoengineering put the freeze on global warming? USA Today

February 23, 2011 Ocean fertilization: Could a greener ocean stop climate change? Climatide WCAI Blog

February 22, 2011, International consortium will study seeding the sea with iron, Beth Daley, Boston Globe

Lane, E. (2010). Experts at AAAS Forum Explore Controversial Geoengineering Ideas for Cooling the Planet

October 29, 2010: Sparks Fly Over Theory That Volcano Caused Salmon Boom, Nature News

October 22, 2010: Climate Science Round-Up: Ocean Fertilization (or Climate Liposuction), Huffington Post

October 6, 2010: How Volcanoes Feed Plankton, Science Now

September 23, 2010: Why ocean scientists can't ignore geoengineering, Deep-Sea News

August 2010: Technically Speaking: Hacking the Planet, IEEE Spectrum

June 16, 2010: Fecal attraction: Whale poop fights climate change,

April 23, 2010: In the long run, all that ash can be a good thing, Los Angeles Times

February 26, 2010: Measuring iron's importance to ocean life, Scientific American

January 18, 2010: A Search for Rules Before Climate-Changing Experiments Begin, New York Times

December 13, 2007, Interview with Ken Buesseler on Iron Fertilization, Mindy Todd, WCAI, The Cape and Islands NPR Station, The Point, 7:30 p.m. EST

October 12, 2010: Whales help fertilize the ocean with floating dung (NPR)

Journal Papers
October, 2011, Fertilizing the Seas with Iron, Richard Blaustein, BioScience, 61(10): 840, doi:10.1525/bio.2011.61.10.2011.

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